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Brand Identity - What Questions Do You Need to Answer?

Whether you are trying to brand a product or company, you will need to put in a good amount of time doing research. Branding is more than just a graphical representation. Branding is successfully implementing the research into an overall marketing campaign, and the foundation for your design. This article will highlight the overall research process that designers use to implement a graphical approach when creating a brand.

Is Page Rank Important in Building Traffic? PDF Print
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Before we discuss why Google PageRank is important in building traffic to your website, let's examine how Page Rank works.

Google uses a formula to determine the value of the Page Rank that it gives each web page (notice I did not say each web site). Each web page is individually ranked because each page has different content. the Page Rank is based on the links between your web page and other web pages that link to each other. The value that Google gives the Page Rank for your web page is based on the number of links coming into that page and the Page Rank that they have. it also takes into consideration other links leaving that page. Because of this it is not a good idea to place links your pages on link farms(they can actually hurt your ranking, and cause "banning" from search engine listings).


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