Brand Identity - What Questions Do You Need to Answer?

Whether you are trying to brand a product or company, you will need to put in a good amount of time doing research. Branding is more than just a graphical representation. Branding is successfully implementing the research into an overall marketing campaign, and the foundation for your design. This article will highlight the overall research process that designers use to implement a graphical approach when creating a brand.

When we help companies create a brand we ask many questions to help develop a marketing campaign along with their graphical approach. We will be highlighting a few key questions to help you get started in your branding process that is critical to the graphical approach of the brand.

Some key questions for creating a graphical design for the brand of a company include:

  • What kind of company are we?
  • Who are our customers?
  • What services or products do our target market provide? (B2B)
    You can develop some of your own questions to help you in your research process.

Product branding requires some of the same types of questions:

  • What type of product or service am I developing a brand for?
  • Is this product or service targeted at a certain age group?
  • Is this product or service targeted for males/females, or both?
  • Where does this product or service fit into my company?
    These are just a few key questions, you might consider developing more to get a good feel about your product or service and who it is targeted to before fully developing a brand identity.

By clearly defining your target market, you can begin to develop a brand that will motivate them to take action. Your brand must speak directly to your target audience. You might consider asking yourself some key questions that specifically establish who that target market is:

  • Where are they located?
  • Age group?
  • Gender?
  • Who are my competitors targeting?
  • What is my competitors brand?
  • What about this brand is good or bad?
  • What colors do I want associated with my product/service or company?

Many designers use the term branding without understanding what it truly means. Some don’t know how effective branding can be to a company, either locally or nationally. All it takes is a little time to answer some simple questions to help you create a design for your business or product that will create a reaction, evoke emotion and define your company or product for as long as it exists. This brand not only builds credibility and establish trust, but it also speaks directly to your target and motivates them to act.

By answering some of these core questions you will be on your way to guiding your designers in developing an effective brand that will help establish your company or product as an industry leader.


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