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Before we discuss why Google PageRank is important in building traffic to your website, let's examine how Page Rank works.

Google uses a formula to determine the value of the Page Rank that it gives each web page (notice I did not say each web site). Each web page is individually ranked because each page has different content. the Page Rank is based on the links between your web page and other web pages that link to each other. The value that Google gives the Page Rank for your web page is based on the number of links coming into that page and the Page Rank that they have. it also takes into consideration other links leaving that page. Because of this it is not a good idea to place links your pages on link farms(they can actually hurt your ranking, and cause "banning" from search engine listings).

If you have Google Toolbar and have the Page Rank enabled, you will see a green bar that when you scroll over, it shows you a number between 0 and 10. No one knows exactly how Google arrives at their final Page Rank(PR) value, but what we do know is that they use some sort of logarithmic formula. This simply means that if it were to take 10 links of page rank 1 to reach PR , then it will take 100 of the same rank value to reach PR2, 1000 for PR 3, etc. The higher the Page Rank of the pages linking to your page, would decrease the number of links that would be needed to reach the next PR value.

So, what does this mean to you and your web site:

  1. The higher your Google Page rank, the higher you will be listed on search engine results pages when searching for keywords that your web site is optimized for. It's really a simple philosophy, Google (other search engines use a very similar approach to ranking) will think that your web site is more relevant than other web sites because of the links that are coming into it when users search for keywords that you are optimized for.
  2. With a high page rank, it means that you have a high number of pages linking to your web page. This is good advertising for your web site, as others will click on your link and visit your web site.
  3. The higher your page rank, the more other web sites want you to link to theirs. They often will offer a reciprocal link if you want one, by doing this, it will drive more links to your site. (Be careful with reciprocal links though, make sure the links are relevant, and don't put all of the reciprocal links on your home page, make a new section maybe called "Other Links" where they could reside.

When you have another page link to yours, make sure that you have the page link to your home page and always use the same web address, ie. If you link to something like, or, then Google determines those as different pages, even though your web server sends it to the same page.

You Home Page will almost always be the highest ranked page on your web site, so try having your incoming links link to the Home Page of your web site.


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