Web Site Consulting Services
Web Site Consulting ServicesDo you want your website to be successful in generating revenue for your business?
Is your website providing the results you expected?

Whether you have an existing website, or are starting from scratch, we can help you find the solution. Overbay Designs follows a web site development process that is adaptable to the needs of any company, large or small.

While we offer a wide range of individual services, ranging from web hosting, to web design, Internet marketing and management, our extensive experience in the concept of Internet businesses has proven to us one thing: everything is interconnected. All areas of a company website are related to each other.



Internet Strategy
Much like any other aspect of business, the creation of a profitable or successful website does not happen overnight—nor is there a single item that prevents it from happening. Every company, product and service is different. Every target audience has its fixations or idiosyncrasies that can be impossible to predict. And the approach that works beautifully today may fail miserably tomorrow.

Our Internet Marketing Strategy Solution (above), far from being a rigid “one size fits all” approach, has an acute awareness of the turbulence and indeterminacy of online business built-in. Beginning with the visual identity and company message, we build your website by integrating your knowledge and needs into the design and structure, along with our skills at creating a search engine friendly site. We then work to drive traffic to your site, using techniques of Search Engine Optimization, Advertising/Marketing, Email newsletters, and Web content writing. Once you begin getting traffic, we will then help you analyze conversion rates, pin-pointing the exact ways in which visitors are (or are not) being converted into customers. After reporting on this and a variety of other factors, we may then modify the techniques by which traffic is being driven to the site—or even change aspects of the design itself.

We have found this to be the most intelligent approach to online business, which is based simply upon our experience and common sense. We offer realistic guarantees and measurable results.

Your website, your competitors, the search engines and everything related to the Internet is always changing. Our strategy is a work in progress. If one aspect of the site is not working (i.e. not generating revenue) we will explain why and provide a tangible solution. We will continuously consult with you to ensure that your site maintains the exact look and feel you desire, and reflects the true character of your business or enterprise.

Contact Overbay Designs today to discuss how our Web Site Development Process can transform your website into a lucrative and sustainable source of revenue for your company.


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Search Engine Optimization

If you have a website that looks great, but no one visits it because they can't find it, then you probably have spent alot of time and money on your website without having it work for you.

Website Packages

Overbay Designs offers solutions for all types of businesses. In addition to our custom designed web sites. We offer web site packages to help fit the need of your company. We can even customize each package if needed.


E-Commerce Solutions

Overbay Designs builds user-friendly e-commerce solutions. Our solutions are "search engine friendly", and easily manageable. When we build an e-commerce website, we build it with an administrative section so that you can update the products and pricing yourself. We can incorporate shopping carts into your e-commerce website.

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